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Mrs May has said she remains committed to getting net migration - the difference between the numbers entering and leaving the country - down to a "sustainable" level, which she defines as being below 100,000 a year. It is currently running at 330,000 a year, of which 184,000 are EU citizens, and 188,000 are from outside the EU - the figures include a 39,000 outflow of UK citizens. Could there be a second referendum? It seems highly unlikely. Both the Conservatives and the Labour Party have ruled out another referendum, arguing that it would be an undemocratic breach of trust with the British people who clearly voted to Leave. The Liberal Democrats have vowed to halt Brexit and keep Britain in the EU if they win the next general election. Some commentators, including former House of Commons clerk Lord Lisvane, have argued that a further referendum would be needed to ratify whatever deal the UK hammers out with the EU, but there are few signs political leaders view this as a viable option. Will I need a visa to travel to the EU? While there could be limitations on British nationals' ability to live and work in EU countries, it seems unlikely they would want to deter tourists. There are many countries outside the European Economic Area, which includes the 28 EU nations plus Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, that British citizens can visit for up to 90 days without needing a visa and it is possible that such arrangements could be negotiated with European countries.

This study underscores that online grocery is failing, said Kurt Jetta, CEO and founder of TABS Analytics . For the fourth year in a row, consumers have turned their backs on buying groceries online no matter how much online grocery retailers try to entice them. Sixty-nine percent

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of consumers never buy groceries online. With only 15 percent of consumers stating loyalty to shopping for groceries online, this is not a sustainable business model, especially when you consider the industry loyalty rate benchmark is 70 percent. Food companies and grocers need to figure out why there is such a high level of dissatisfaction with the online channel before they continue to invest any further in it. TABS Analytics Fourth Annual Food and Beverage Study , conducted in August 2016, was developed to uncover detailed information about the U.S. CPG consumables categories and how consumer buying patterns of these categories are shaped by the promotions offered. The survey panel consisted of 1,000 geographically and demographically dispersed consumers between the ages of 18 to 75. The 15 consumables categories analyzed were carbonated beverages, salty snacks, cereal, yogurt, water, ice cream, cookies, fruit juice, refrigerated juices, crackers, frozen pizza, frozen novelties, candy, popcorn, and isotonics (sports drinks).

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Brick and Mortar Grocery Remains Favorite Channel For the fourth year in a row, the grocery brick and mortar channel continued to dominate all other shopping channels with 78 percent of U.S. consumers regularly preferring to shop in brick and mortar grocery stores. The grocery shopping channel remained stable compared to 2015, Target had a four percent decrease in regular shopping trips from 29 percent in 2015 to 25 percent.

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