A Helpful Overview Of Locating Fundamental Details Of Evening Gowns

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Liisa Ronkainen Some might decide to acquire more education or change their career, to make themselves more attractive to the labour market. Others might seek to start a business. But there is always the chance that it could be used as an excuse to take it easy and work as little as possible. Cutting bureaucracy None of those chosen was given a chance to say no, so the outcome of the project will not be slanted. And no-one will receive less money than before. As for cutting red tape, the prime objective behind the pilot, there will be a partial improvement for those taking part. Image copyright EPA Image caption Those selected for the trial by Kela are aged 25 to 58 Most of those involved receive additional social benefits in the form of housing benefit or a higher unemployment benefit because they have children. The form procedure to get these will remain unchanged during the experiment. But for Finnish authorities bureaucracy will diminish considerably. If any of the 2,000 start studying, get a job or lose a job or even develop a long-term illness, they will not have to pass the information on.

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