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Levis 501 and 505 are good options. What to change: Bring in the waist if needed, and make the leg a little more fitted throughout. Tip: Denim Refinery s Janet Sung recommends paying close attention to the pocket size when youre choosing a pair to make more fitted. Any disproportion between the pockets and your bottom will only become emphasized. And if the hem is distressed, consider keeping it that way. Modern Mom Jeans The goal: A mid to high-rise jean thats more fitted through the waist and hips, (avoiding that blousy, unflattering thing around the crotch and thigh in actual mom jeans) with a relaxed leg and slightly tapered ankle. Start with: Any relaxed fit jean that hits at a mid to high rise. Levi's 550, Levi's 501 from the '90s, Calvin Klein jeans from the '90s are all great options. What to change: Make the thigh and hip and little slimmer, and make the taper through the ankle less intense. Tip: According to Eileen Nunez of Alteration Specialists , to avoid the excess fabric at the hip and crotch, we will have to taper through the pocket and possibly take in the seat. If the waist is big, we can also take in the waist. Kick Flare The goal: A mid to high-rise jean with fitted hips and thigh, and a slight flare cropped above the ankle.

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But it has since sold around four-fifths of the bank and focused the business on re-establishing the Co-op as a mutual brand owned by its members. The Co-op has scrapped its famous dividend for the duration of the revamp, but is sending out new Co-op cards to customers to mark the launch of a new membership offer, "placing customers and communities firmly at the heart of the Co-op again". Members will receive a 5% reward every time they buy Co-op own-brand products and services, while a further 1% will go towards local causes. "By 2018 we expect to give back 100m a year to our members and the local causes they care most about," said chairman Allan Leighton. Food growth Image copyright co-operative group The group said its food business expanded faster than many of its supermarket rivals as Britain's shoppers shifted towards more frequent shopping at convenience stores. The Co-op has around 2,600 grocery shops across the country with 30 new

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food stores opening in the first six months as part of 100 planned for 2016. Underlying food profit fell to 63m from 88m in 2015, after the chain cut prices and increased workers' pay. Staff in food stores have been given an 8.5% pay increase to take them ahead of the National Living Wage threshold. The Co-op is Britain's fifth biggest grocer with a market share of 6.6%.